Consumers Energy Cooperative

Consumers Energy Cooperative Inc. supplies heating oil and professional dealer service at prices significantly below Westchester County averages. CECI is incorporated in New York and doing business in Westchester and southern Putnam Counties.

Do you have full service contracts?

Yes, we offer full service contracts to all members. The contract price is charged to the member’s account and includes an annual burner cleaning.

Do you deal with reputable, established firms?

All of our dealers are established delivery and service organizations. Prior to contracting with individual dealers, we research their previous experience, including service history. Dealers are started with minimal accounts and closely monitored by our office for at least the first year.

How long has CECI been in business?

CECI was organized in 1981 as an outgrowth of the Pace University Academic Federal Credit Union (AFCU). Since its establishment, it has continued to enroll other sponsoring organizations and individuals, and now has approximately 1,300 members.

What makes your business unique?

CECI is organized as a buyer’s cooperative, meaning the organization is controlled by members who elect a representative board of directors, and who in turn employ professional full-time management. Like other businesses, yearly membership meetings are held, and members are presented information on the status of the cooperative, upcoming issues, and board member elections.

What changes in your business have you seen over the years?

The cooperative has survived the scarce oil/high cost situations in the early 1980’s, the advent of discount/no service oil suppliers, fixed price strategies by retail oil companies, and more recently, the volatility of the international oil market. We believe our organization has the flexibility to successfully address the oil market situation in the coming years.

Who are your customers?

Members consist of individuals who independently join; individuals who are sponsored by another member, a civic, religious, trade or credit union or other types of organizations, and sponsoring organizations themselves if they require heating oil for their facility.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Our business model is unique in that we represent a group of oil users. Our competition comes from two major types of oil companies: discount suppliers that supply oil with minimal or no service, and full service oil companies that provide retail oil.

Why doesn't CECI offer price lock-ins or caps?

CECI offers all its members exactly the same fixed price regardless of the oil dealer assigned to the member. Only some of our dealers offer a fixed price lock-in option. CECI does not offer to some members an option that is not available to every member. A fixed price option would increase our operating costs, and that additional operating cost would be, in effect, shared by all members, with or without the fixed price option.

Consumers Energy Cooperative Inc.,  280 North Bedford Road, Suite 308, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Call the Co-Op at 914-941-2288